Inside passage

The Alaska Inside Passage is a port that some Royal Caribbean International Ships go to. The Alaska Inside Passage was created millions of years ago by southbound glaciers carving it out.

What to SeeEdit

The Alaska Inside Passage has a very diverse wildlife. These include:

  • Orca
  • Mountain Goats
  • Bald Eagles
  • Bears
  • Puffins
  • Sea Otters
  • and so much more

Every summer here in the Inside Passage, humpback whales come to feed here. They sometimes jump completely out of the water. Sometimes, if your lucky, you can see the whales swimming together and eating all the fish.[1]

Weather HereEdit

These are the year-round temperatures in this area.[2]


Average High


Average Low


January 33°/0.56° 22°/-5.56°
February 35°/1.67° 24°/-4.44°
March 40°/4.44° 26°/-3.33°
April 48°/8.89° 32°/0°
May 56°/13.33° 38°/3.33°
June 61°/16.11° 44°/6.67°
July 63°/17.22° 44°/8.89°
August 63°/17.22° 47°/8.33°
September 57°/13.89° 42°/5.56°
October 47°/8.33° 35°/1.67°
November 39°/3.89° 28°/-2.22°
December 34°/1.11° 24°/-4.44°

This is the average amount of precipitation in a year.[3]

Precipitation in 12 Months In Inches In Centimeters
Average Precipitation 3.77 in 9.59 cm

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